Rabu, 28 Mac 2012


A broken-will, a dream most shattered, is this to be your end?
Head down, furrowed brow and so despaired, GET UP and try again!

A spirit once with wings of passion, thoughts of what could have been
It CAN be done, no could about it, PRESS ON, HANGTOUGH my friend

You’ve failed that’s true, WHO HASN’T?, I can’t count the times I have...
But are they stumbling blocks or stepping stones?, YOU must choose the path..

We all have shared rough goings, and YOU are not alone
Pity party? Cry of your past? Best start stepping on STEPPING STONES!

This should be a kinder poem, coated with sugar and cane
Tell me what I want to hear, prove you share my pain!

I cannot think of a kinder thing, than these words a friend did in finding
“Quit the crying, stop the whining, and START the grittin' and grindin'!”

A will most mended, a dream come true, when we CHOOSE to hear this friend
PRESS ON, HANGTOUGH as so few feel sorry, GET UP and TRY AGAIN!

Author: Brian G. Jett