Sabtu, 14 Ogos 2010

Bazar Ramadhan

Masuk je bulan Ramadhan, banyak bazar tumbuh macam cendawan.
Macam-macam juadah berbuka yang dijualnya.
Tapi masalahnye harga  kat sini agak keterlaluan skit.
Lain kawasan, lain harganya.
Ramai sangat yang cuba nak ambil untung lebih.
Tapi bila Tuhan nak tunjuk sekejap je.
Contohnya apa yang terjadi di Bazar Jasin Melaka.
Nasib baik aku tak ke sana. Adakah kejadian yang berlaku itu satu kebetulan. Atau petunjuk dari sifat tamak manusia..
Bagi peniaga-peniaga bazar, janganlah amik untug banyak sangat.. Bagi pembeli pula, tak guna gak nak komplen harga mahal.. Nak murah masak sendiri.. Gerenti save cost nyer..

Vitamin B - Introduction & Function

There’s only two types of vitamin that are water soluble like what have been mentioned in the vitamin introduction post. One of it is Vitamin B. It is easy for our body to absorb vitamin B, just as easily as emitting it out of our system. Vitamin B can also be lost in the process of cooking and washing water making it a little hard to maintain. However, one good news about Vitamin B is that there is no proven research that stated it’s harmfulness due to overdosing. So, you can take Vitamin B supplement as you like (but in a modest amount) and never have to worry about toxin build up. They are Vitamin B1(thiamine), B2(riboflavin), B3(niacin), B5(pantothenic acid), B6(pyrodixine), B7(biotin), B9(folic acid), B12 (cobalamines). There are more categories under vitamin B and the numbering code is actually up to vitamin B22.

Functions :-
  • Vitamin B helps in metabolizing carbohydrates, lipids, and amino acids in the body.
  • The existence of vitamin B in the body helps in maintaining and utilizing energy efficiently so that we are able to perform our daily activities. That is why lacking in vitamin can leave a person feeling very week, severe exhaustion, nausea, decreasing immune response and many other problematic health conditions.
  • It helps in maintaining healthy skin and muscle tone too.
  • Helps in improving our body’s immune and nerve functions.
  • One of the main function of vitamin is it’s ability to create new cells, thus, promoting cell growth and division.
  • Helps in producing red blood cells

Jumaat, 13 Ogos 2010

Dalam Rumah Banyak Harta

Rumah memang bagus untuk buat aset..
Tapi tak ramai yang tau barang dalam rumah pun le jadi aset yang menarik..
Cuba tengok ape yang ade kat dalam umah..
Ada pelbagai barang yang kita guna sebagai hiasan atau untuk kegunaan harian..
Ada gak barang yang kita beli setiap bulan..

Bagi saya la kan, kalo la semua barang tu boleh datangkan untung kan bagus..
Saya tak tau la pendapat orang lain.
kadang-kadang saya rasa menyesal lak pergi membeli barang.
Alasannya mudah je, DUIT HABIS MACAM TU JE..
Memang la dapat barang, tapi bulan depan kene beli lagi, dan seterusnya...
Patut la bersepah pasaraya kat malaysia ni..
Rupanya semua yang saya beli tu dah menjadikan tauke pasaraya bertambah kaya..
Kalo korang tak perasan tak tau la kan..

So saya terfikir la yang apa yang saya beli tu memang le jadi harta orang lain..
Kalo kita beli, kita dapat barang dan orang lain dapat harta..
Sekarang saya pula nak, SAYA DAPAT BARANG DAN HARTA..
Bila fikir secara logik memang la mustahil kan?

Setelah kajian dan pemantauan dibuat..
Ramai yang dah melakukannya..
Saya je yang baru perasan..
Saya dapati ianya mudah je..
Sekarang saya bertekad nak melakukannya..

Saya akan beli barang pada diri saya sendiri..
Saya pun boleh jual barang..
Saya nak jadi seperti tauke pasaraya tu..
Kalo orang tak beli, saya lak yang beli..
sebab barang pengguna memang saya selalu kene beli..

Khamis, 12 Ogos 2010

Sales Closing Tips

There are many closing techniques and there are some common tips that are offered to make closing even more successful.


ABC is a common term which stands for 'Always Be Closing', which is both good and bad advice.
ABC is good advice when it is used to keep in mind that you are always aiming towards a close. It is bad when you just use it to mean battering the customer to death with a barrage of unsubtle closing techniques.
Selling can be a lot like fly fishing. If tug hard on the line, it will snap and the fish will get away. The best method is a gentle coaxing that gradually brings the fish in to shore - although sometimes when they are spooked that I have to let them out again and calm them down further away.

Silence after

When using a closing technique, be quiet afterwards and let them respond. If I just keep talking, then I may miss what they have to say - like 'yes' for example.
Silence also builds tension and will encourage them to respond - and a response to a well-put closing question will hopefully be positive.

Watch emotions

Watch out for the other person not only in what they say but also in the emotion behind the words.
Never try closing when they are in a negative emotional state - it will only cause further objection and possibly anger that means they will never buy again.


It is not unknown for sales people to talk their customers into closure then carry right on and talk them out again. I can over-do closing and it requires a close sensitivity to avoid this trap.
It is often the fear of the other person saying 'no' that often causes a sales person to keep on talking. I must have faith and also accept that when they say 'no' it is no real comment about you. If I take rejection personally then I am probably in the wrong job.

There are no bebacks

When a customer says 'I'll be back', sales people in many different situations know that this is just an excuse to leave. Thus, it is said, 'there are no bebacks'.
The consequence of this is that when customers say they will be back,cannot count on it and should treat this as if they will not and decide either to move to the next customer or redouble my sales efforts.

Closing need not mean a sale today

In some situations, there are bebacks. In fact any business sale may require that the sales person make many visits and a multi-million dollar deal can take years to set up.
When did I can meet the customer again, then you can have intermediate goals and closure may just be and agreement to meet again. It can also ask for commitment to certain acts such as getting you information or looking at a website. Generally, if getting the other person to commit to some action, I am moving the sale forward.

Horses for courses

In all of these methods, remember that all closing techniques are appropriate only in particular circumstances. This can include the emotional state and readiness of the customer.
It also depends on the sophistication of the customer. A professional buyer in a big company has been on all the sales courses themselves and can see a closing technique coming from several miles away.

Rabu, 11 Ogos 2010

Hari Pertama Puasa

Puasa pertama aku sahur dan berbuka kat umah mak mentua..
Tadi pergi jalan-jalan kat pasar ramadhan..
Memang banyak juadah kat situ..
Nafsu nak memborong pun kuat..
Biasa la, ngah lapar, semua kita mahu..
Tapi Aku plan nak wat air kacang soya sendiri je..
Bini aku lak kata nak masak ngan wat kuih sendiri..
So, beli bahan-bahan yang kitorang perlu je la..
Bagus gak, boleh makan pepuas..
Ramai le join.. (Family)
Skarang diorang tengah memasak..
Aku ambil peluang update blog ni..
Mak mentua nak masak asam pedas..
Mesti best..
Tak sabo nak berbuka..
Best gak berpuasa bila dah berumahtangga ni..
Tapi lepas ni balik umah parent aku lak..
Baru fair..
Have a good day to all..

My Main Problem

I have to admit I really don't like the telephone. Maybe it is because it is an interruption in an already "overscheduled" world. Even if it is someone I really want to talk to, it sometimes feels like a chore "to be nice"! With the amount of spam phone calls I still seem to receive, even after being on the "Do not call list", I must admit I make assumptions when I pick up the phone. If there is a nano-second of a pause when I pick up the phone, I immediately assume I am on someone's computer list just waiting to pounce if they here a real person on the other end of the phone.

However, when I am initiating the call I really "want" another human on the other end of the line. I don't want to be put in "voice mail jail" and being warned that the phone calls are taken in the order they are received and if I hang up and call back I may be waiting until doomsday to get to someone. Want to have a real laugh? Ask a teenager what a rotary phone is. It will either make you laugh or maybe cry at their response!

No matter which type of phone caller or business owner I happen to be, this communication tool, no matter how big or small is here to stay. It is important to know how to use it efficiently and effectively. With so much cell phone usage, right or wrong, that adds another dimension to the mix.

Regardless how fancy my Bluetooth, or cell phone or rotary phone with, heaven help us, a cord, is, it is important to address and put into practice, correct phone techniques.I need to learn more about the skills.

Selasa, 10 Ogos 2010

Selamat Berpuasa

Kejap je rasanye..
Esok kita berpuasa..
Saya lak akan melalui bulan pose pertama sejak berkahwin..
Harap dapat melaluinya dengan penuh keimanan..
Nak ambil kesempatan wish..

Selamat Berpuasa..

Kurma Untuk Berbuka Puasa

Kurma Arabia Eksotik                                                                            Kurma Arabia Dengan Badam

Isnin, 9 Ogos 2010

Marketing Skills That I Prefer To Used

Collaboration. One of the best ways to market mself is to collaborate with others. Instead of only working by mself, offer my talents on a project.

Listings. I don’t have many words to make a pitch, I will offer a few words to differentiate mself and a link to my blog if possible.

Business card. Don’t go with anything tacky or overly complicated. Keep it simple, professional. The fewer items on my card, the better.

Email skills. This is how I do most of my marketing, in combination with the blog and collaboration ideas listed above. I’ll simply email someone to see if they’re interested. I’ll do a short pitch about myself and my services (a short paragraph) and make them an offer. If they write back, great. If not, I can either follow up or move on to the next one. Don’t be too pushy. Again, be professional, and offer a link or two to show samples of my work. People don’t have a lot of time to read emails, so be sure to keep it short. Be friendly and professional. And make them an offer they can’t refuse (not a “Godfather”-style offer, though).

In person. This is the part that many people have trouble with. Either they are too shy or they have a tendency to overdo it. I need to find a balance between being unafraid to talk to people and being too pushy. If I go to a conference or some other event like that, I will face my fear by making it a challenge to talk to 20 people today. By the time I’ve done 5-10 of them, I’ll start to get more comfortable. Develop a short script for what I want to say, if this doesn’t come naturally for me. Alter it depending on people’s reactions. But try to learn to deliver it naturally, and be open to changing it.

Social websites. I will find the forums and other social websites where my field communicates. It could be on MySpace or Facebook or a certain popular blog or one of a number of online forums. Be a participant, contribute valuable knowledge without showing off, be friendly and helpful. I might form relationships that could pay off in the long run.

The Pitch. This is used whether in email, in person, on a social website, or IM. I need to develop the art of making a pitch that doesn’t come on too strong. This takes practice, and there’s too much to this skill for me to explain here, but in general, the key point is to understand what the potential customer needs or wants, and show how to be the perfect solution to provide that need or want.

The Close. Once I’ve made the pitch, I could end it with a simple, “Get back to me if you’re interested.” But I might find that while people will react positively to that kind of conclusion, I will rarely end with any kind of business. I need to have a close, make a sell. Again, don’t be pushy about it. Just learn to make a specific offer and ask my client to take action (with a good reason to take that action).

Product. This should go without saying, but my best spokesman is my product. If my work is shoddy, people won’t continue to use it, and worse yet, my reputation will go downhill. If instead I do an outstanding job, I will continue to get business, or even better, I’ll get recommended to others as an outstanding man.