Jumaat, 18 Februari 2011

Sharing And Caring

Page All About Life di Facebook tak dapat sambutan..
Takpe la..
Mungkin belum lagi..
Hope ada la yang suka ngan page tu..

Selasa, 15 Februari 2011




Understanding the different ways cancer can affect men and women may improve their care.
WHEN cancer looms, do men and women react to it differently? Are the issues they deal with similar, or unique? Does gender really matter when it comes to cancer?
The answers may seem obvious. After all, we are talking about two groups of people who are – to a great extent – unique in biological make-up, thinking pattern, and the way they are socialised to adopt gender-specific behaviour.
The reality is that these differences can be reduced or increased when it comes to the type of cancer, treatment options, and the side effects involved.
“There are some similarities in men’s and women’s issues in cancer, in terms of their reactions to chemotherapy, for example,” said Dr Joanna Lin, a Singapore-based visiting oncologist at the Beacon International Specialist Centre in Kuala Lumpur.
“The main difference probably lies in women’s concerns regarding their physical appearances, eg. hair loss, which is a huge issue with women, especially those younger than 60,” she replied in an email interview.
“Removing a woman’s breast for cancer therapy is also a very obvious physical insult that many women are very concerned about. These physical changes can cause significant psychological and emotional trauma.
“Men are often not too concerned with regards to hair loss, but they are less likely to talk about their issues during treatment,” she elaborated.
Dr Ibrahim ... Communicating treatment alternatives is important, because some patients who are reluctant to undergo a particular treatment may not come back for follow-ups.
She was speaking in general terms. Certainly, all of us have known a woman who is not concerned about her appearance, and a man whose knowledge of skin care products exceeds that of his female peers. But understanding the motivations and priorities of both genders can be an important factor in the way doctors, nurses and caretakers provide treatment and care for people living with cancer.
Much like how a good personal trainer will tailor training programmes according to a client’s motivations, a caregiver who understands the different issues men and women face when they are diagnosed with cancer will be able to effectively work with them to achieve therapeutic goals.
“In most situations however, the patients often do not tell their treating doctor what their real worries and concerns are,” said Dr Lin. “Often, it is because the doctor is too busy and rushed, or is perceived to be too busy by the patient; or the patient does not feel comfortable troubling the doctor with these worries.”
It depends on the site
In an article, Psychology of cancer, published in a US quarterly magazine for cancer patients, writer Leslie Johnston wrote, “How people adjust emotionally to that reality depends on a number of factors, including type of cancer, stage of the cancer, the patient’s age, marital status, ethnicity, culture, profession and – perhaps the most important of all – gender.”
However, Johnston continued, “where the cancer strikes makes a difference”. He then quoted Les Daroff, the director of psychoneuroimmunology and mind-body medicine at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, to explain.
“If it is stomach cancer, it is perceived as an attack on their stomach, not on their identity,” said Daroff. “However, if it is breast cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer or testicular cancer, it attacks their whole psychosocial identity, their way of life and their relationships. Everything they have known is up for grabs.”
Men and women have different risks of developing cancer at different sites. According to the latest Health Ministry national cancer statistics (2006), the top five most common cancers among men are cancers of the colon and rectum, lung, nasopharynx (nose and airways), prostate and liver.
Women, however, suffer most commonly from ca

Salam Maulidur Rasul

Isnin, 14 Februari 2011

Gerai Di Pasar Awam Merlimau

Gerai ni banyak gak la jasa untuk aku..
Aku membesar pun banyak hasil dari sini..
Selepas bapa aku bersara dari tentera,
Bapa aku berniaga disini dengan bapa saudara aku..
Kira gerai family la ni..
Dari zaman sekolah lagi aku selalu tolong kat kedai ni..
Mungkin sebab tu aku minat berniaga..
Kat sini kitorang jual sayur-sayuran..
Tapi tak lama lagi pasar akan dipindah kat tempat baru..
So, aku nak abadikan dulu tapak lama gerai ni kat sini..

Ahad, 13 Februari 2011

Hilangkan Boring Di Petang Ahad 13 Feb'11

Tadi pagi gi betul kereta kat bengkel..
Pastu tolong abah kat pasar..
Pagi, ada gak la aktiviti..
Dah petang ni rasa bosan lak..
Wife ngah wat facial lak..
Ida ngah syok tido..
Tadi dia minta susu je, pastu tido balik..

So, saja je buka blog ni..
Berjalan tengok blog orang..
Ada yang nak masuk baca cerita je..
Tapi ada gak la yang tinggalkan komen..
Banyak gak cerita menarik dalam blog hari ni..
Ada gak yang unsur memperingati dan nasihat..
Dapat gak tambah ilmu petang ni..
Plus ngan baca page Robert Kiyosaki kat FB tadi la..

Sekarang dah tahu nak wat ape..
So, update blog sendiri lak la..
Tapi tak tahu nak tulis apa kat sini..
Wife masih lagi dengan customer dia kat dalam bilik..
Actually rumah kitorang ada bilik khas untuk customer facial..
Incase ada yang nak wat kat rumah je..
Kebanyakan yang datang kawan-kawan je la..
Kitorang faham keadaan orang yang bz ngan kerjaya..
Mana ada masa nak ke studio kan?..
Harga murah sikit la kalo wat kat sini..
Mungkin sebab tu diorang suka wat kat sini je kot..

Semalam kitorang pergi majlis kahwin member..
Member ni best friend wife..
Classmate dia masa kat sekolah dia..
Majlis bertemakan warna purple lagi..
Sempat gak snap satu gambar kat sana..

Ni la gambar bestfriend tu..
Yang kecik tu sape lagi kalo bukan Ida..
Disebabkan faktor persekitaran, cuaca dan kepenatan..
Muka dia nampak pelik sikit..
Dia tak biasa la pergi tempat orang ramai..
Plus dengan suasana yang bising..
Takpe la..
Nanti dia biasa la tu..