Selasa, 31 Ogos 2010

Never Regret What I Choose..

Direct selling is a popular career choice for many individuals in these tough economic conditions and there is nothing more self-satisfying that being successful. In the modern age, we can't deny the fact that these companies such as Avon, Mary Kay, Amway etc have been well accepted by the general public. Therefore, it is no surprise find both men and women signing on their application forms and have these as their main source of income. In fact, many of these individuals succeeded in buying their own cars and even homes through direct selling; but just how do they do it?  Just continue reading and you will find out.
The Internet is a potpourri of information. You can easily avail tips to be successful in direct selling. Having mentioned that, I have some personal 7 useful tips to share with you in order to be successful in direct selling.
o    Manage your time - Time indeed equates to money! When it comes to direct selling, every minute you waste, is a dollar lost. You will need to manage your time well between setting appointments, going for product discussions, group discussions in addition to your own personal activities.
o    Set realistic goals - When you enter the direct selling industry, it is important to know what are the things that you should be accomplishing. You can write down your goals and take the necessary steps needed in order to achieve them. Do not set goals that is impossible to achieve. Divide them into short and long-term goals.
o    Have a positive attitude - Success is not just about working hard. Actually success is mainly made up of having a positive attitude (at least 90%). Having a positive attitude in direct selling means not giving up easily after failures in getting sales.
o    Take control-  It is most vital that you take control of your own course. Never be afraid to ask if you are unsure. When there is an opening for a business opportunity, take control and move in at the right time!
o    Have a work space - Whether it is in an office or from your own home, it is imperative that you feel comfortable working in your work space. It should also be a space that will motivate you to work harder.
o    Finance management - In direct selling, it is important to become a professional in managing your finances. This is because often than not, your income is mainly based on sales commissions; without which you will have practically little or no income at all even.
o    Be excited - This means that you have to show your prospective customers that you yourself is every bit excited in the product/service that you are trying to sell.
Direct selling involves a lot of patience and effort. However, the efforts will be well worth it as you have every chance to succeed.

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