Isnin, 26 Julai 2010

How To Achive My Goals

After readings and seeing some achiever, I have learn that I must have my strategy to achieve my goals. After doing some research and based through my past experience, I have noted three element that I will used in my journey to success.

(1) Money – How much money do I have to run my own business? Out of that money how much I'm going to spend on marketing and promotion? Each situation is unique but if I were to make a blanket recommendation, I would invest 10% of my available budget into marketing. Others I will used for survive untill I'm truely success.

(2) Type of Marketing – I need to explore many different avenues available for marketing in business. Online attraction marketing consists of search engine optimization, blog marketing, pay-per-click, email marketing, article marketing, video marketing and more. I wouldn’t attempt to become an expert in all of these areas at once. Pick one or two and go with it. Who knows, I may have enough success in one area, you won’t need to explore other avenues right away.

(3) Tracking – None of my planning efforts will do me any good if I do not track my progress. Arguments can be made all day long as to what marketing methods and strategies work the best. However, the data that will be compile is my best measurement. I need to prove to myself what the most effective methods are.