Rabu, 28 Julai 2010

Marbles Games

What a lovely day, its a good evening for me to jogs. When I walk at the playing ground, I saw a couples of kid playing marbles. It an interesting game actually. I will share how the game is played.

To start a game of Ringer the children lag from a line, drawn tangent to the ring, to a parallel line across the ring, which would be 10 feet away. The child whose shooter comes nearest the line has the first shot. Players must lag before each game. Practice lagging, as the first shot may mean the winning of the game before your opponent gets a shot. In lagging, a child may toss his or her shooter to the other line, or he or she may knuckle down and shoot it.

Knocks a marble from the ring on his first shot and his shooter stays in the ring. He picks up the marble. As he has knocked one from the ring, he is entitled to another try. Players are not permitted to walk inside the ring unless their shooter comes to a stop inside the ring. Penalty is a fine of one marble.

Simple game with a simple rule.. Try to play it, it is fun actually..

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