Khamis, 22 Julai 2010

What Is My Dreams In the Future..

Suddenly I think about my dreams again..
I hope after I struggle a lot, I must achieved my goals..
My goals are:
- To have buying power where money is enough for everything
- I have a good health
- I have a lot of time to spend with my family

How is it feel when I get all of my goals came true..
I can go where ever I want, without thinking of budget..
Everyday is a holiday..
Maybe some people will think that I'm crazy to have that dreams..
But for me, I will struggle to make it come true..
Then people will know that everything can happen..
But I still have a long journey to go..
Now I want to set that I will have money freedom before I'm 30..
It will be my first task to success..
The challange begins now..

"Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, berikanlah aku tenaga untuk melakukannya. Tabahkanlah hatiku
untuk meneruskan perjalanan hidup ini".....Amin...

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