Jumaat, 29 Oktober 2010

Counting Day..

From clinic the due is at 20/11/2010.
My counting is on 15/11/2010.
Which one is the real due..
I think better I used mine..
So, we have about 2 weeks before my wife deliver..
All stuff for our newborn child have been prepaired..
Now is our time to get ready to be a parent..
Hope that I can be a good father..
Hope that my wife deliver our child normally..
Can't wait to see my own child..
Hope nothing went wrong..
Hope to have a healthy child..

Dear Allah, give us a good strength to be a good parents,
make it easy for my wife gave birth to our offspring,
grant us a healthy offspring... Amen..

2 ulasan:

kakcik berkata...

Salam Jamiel...

InsyaAllah, semuanya akan selamat nanti. Berilah anak itu nama yang mempunyai makna yang indah.

Laury berkata...

Oh Jamiel, that is exciting! Praying for your wife and sweet little baby. Thank you for encouraging me at my blog today. I appreciate it! I had to look for an entry I could read here before I could leave a comment:) Smiling:)