Isnin, 25 Oktober 2010

Romantic Holiday Or Else..

A holiday with your partner should be about romance and relaxation. However, if this is the first time that you have been away together and haven’t dated for longer than six months then you may want to think again, because you will have different habits, routines, bathroom etiquette, and cleanliness. Here some tips :
  • Make sure you do some research and plan properly before you go. Make sure there is something for you both. For example: all you want is to lather up in sun screen and he wants to go sightseeing. Make sure where you go caters for both.
  • The thing with sharing a hotel room is that you are both in close proximity when the other needs the loo. If it is something that doesn’t bother you, then that’s great, but if it does, be warned. Both of you need to remember that you aren’t in your own bathrooms, be respectful and keep it clean.
  • Sun screen is essential, even if you are sightseeing, because you will be outdoors walking around in the sun. Buy a high factor sun screen, especially for the beach, as the last things you both want are dodgy tan lines from where your sunglasses were or being burnt to a crisp. It’s not a good look.
  • We all love a buffet, but the down side is that they will reveal the true porkie inside of us. Keep it penned in and just go for the one helping. When you second plate is piled high and your third bread roll is in your pocket, you know you have taken things a step too far.
  • If used pants and socks dumped on the floor bothers you, or you have any worries such as falling out, running out of conversation topics etc, make sure you talk about it or settle it before you go away. It will make it easier for both of you when you get there.

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