Khamis, 15 Julai 2010

Gasing Melayu

It was ones of the Malaysian traditional games. When I was a kids, I always play it with my friends. Here in Malaysia also have a special tournament for this traditional and unique games. Just want to share with you all what is this traditional game about.  
Type top in Malaysia, including top of the heart, or a flat top plate, top kelamar, top eggs, Berembang top, top Malay, Chinese top, top books and top thread nuts. The most suitable wood species merbau, such as merbau horns, blood merbau, merbau merbau johol and keradah, it's simple but not easy to drill flakes. Type of wood that are easily accessible, such as mangosteen, guava, tamarind Sawo or Java is often used to make top. The use of wood dilarik pelarik, according to the size and shape of the set top. Before work started melarik iron axes embedded in the wood so that a balance can be done in terms of bulatnya (rounded) when melarik. If what to see how it was made lively, just visit my villages at Kg Tedong Pantai, Merlimau, Melaka. You can contact me to arrange an appointment at 012-7792757.
After completion of the top jobs last performed, such as tin wind above the top wing to add more weight to the weight of the top five kilograms and is not easily splinter. To add the eyes look so beautiful buffalo horns mounted head is divided top and polished with varnish. This is on top or flat top only placenta.

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