Sabtu, 17 Julai 2010

Ratio For My Dream

I have think of some ratio that I will used for my guide. Why I used ratio for my dreams life. Actually it just for me to targeted the balance of an important fact that everybody always thinks of. There are three things that important in life:
Wealth: to survive
Health : without it, it is nothing
Freedom: what can we do when we survive

After a lot of thinking and some research of other people lifestyle, I finally come with this ratio:
First Phase:
Wealth : Health : Freedom
      1     :      1     :       1
It means that I must get all the fact balance first before I go to another phase.
Second Phase:
Wealth & Health : Freedom
              1             :        1
When I reach this phase, It is of my glory. WHY?
It all because that I can get my freedom 100% without thinking anything else.
People always think that time is money. It is true but, what a waste of time if I just finding wealth without thinking of other thing like family, recreation and else.

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