Jumaat, 16 Julai 2010


Guest what, today I have a nice and juicy of sate kambing at Melaka Central. Sate kambing is part of the cuisine of Indonesia. It is very popular in the country, especially in Java. Sate kambing is the Indonesian name for mutton satay, since it is made of goat meat. This food is made by roasting goat meat that has been mixed with seasoning. A set of Sate Kambing usually consists of the satay itself, complemented by a sauce made of soya sauce or peanut sauce.

Some people eat it with rice while others prefer to eat it with traditional rice box named lontong or ketupat. In some areas sate kambing is sold together with another popular food named gule kambing (goat soup). How lucky I'm, the owner of the shop is from Indonesia.

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