Jumaat, 22 Oktober 2010

How To Raise A Healthy Child - Healthy Eating Habit

The way children feel about food is as important as what they eat. If children adopt healthy habits by the time they reach the elementary school years, research shows they are more likely to eat well as adults, says physician Greenfield.

Teach Nutrition. Read nutritional labels out loud to your child. Explain which ingredients are nutritious, like whole grains, and which aren't, like refined sugar and hydrogenated fats. Involve your child in grocery shopping. For example, when choosing produce, ask your child to pick one color of the rainbow and buy a vegetable or fruit in that hue.

Don't Fight Over Cleaning the Plate. "The role of parents is to put forth good healthy foods. The role of the kid is to decide what to eat," says Greenfield. If kids are hungry, they'll eat, he adds. If you make something and they say they don't like it, don't force them to eat it, but do point out that it's the only dinner you're serving.

Make Mealtimes Enjoyable. Eat meals together as a family as often as possible; it's an important ritual of love and relaxation. Show pleasure during mealtimes; for example, it's definitely okay to say, "Yummmmm," says Greenfield.

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